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JoAnn Shannon's Work

Middle Grade Fiction

Detective Flea is a donkey who must consider a most preposterous clue to solve the mystery of a missing pony...magic.

Bird Gamers - Reeve plays video games to escape an impoverished home life and to forget about troubles at school.

The Winston Chronicles introduces a lovable Golden Retriever who is about to become a show dog but must first help a neighbor in distress.

a donkey named Detective Flea
Bird Gamers.jpg
a Golden Retriever named Winston

Young Adult Fiction

Time for Tomalin is about a girl who is forced to participate in a government experiment that has already destroyed the lives of hundreds of girls.

Time For Tomalin.jpg
a red paper heart broken in half

Bee Stings Hurt - In the midst of a worldwide bee infestation, Gabby grows up fast when she becomes a suspect in the death of her cult-embracing boyfriend.

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