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Detective Flea Plans a Meeting

I had solved the mystery of the White House break-in!

Raffi sent an invitation to all parties inviting them to a meeting at the Department of Farmland Security where I would share my hypothesis. I called to reserve the first floor boardroom. However, this morning, I was advised that only the tenth floor boardroom was available. At ten o’clock, as I trotted into the lobby to welcome our guests, I gave the elevator a wary glance.

Kiki was the first to arrive. She wore a foot tether that bound her to a warden. On seeing me, she cooed, “Hello handsome.” Then lifting her foot, she added. “Could you do a girl a favor and slip this off?”

Before I could reply, the warden steered Kiki into the elevator. When the metal doors closed, I shuddered involuntarily.

The next to arrive were Webster and Paisley. Webster held the leash out far as his arm could reach and used the other hand to brush dog hair from his trousers. Paisly’s bulging eyes gave me an admonishing stare. “We all know it was foreign interference,” he said as the elevator doors were closing.

Dale breezed in and squinted at an urn. “Thought for sure that was real,” she said.

The Chief strode out of her office, joined Dale in the elevator, and frowned, “I hope you are not taking the stairs again, Detective Flea.”

Raffi appeared. He slipped a protective arm my neck and steered me toward the elevator doors. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” he said. Then he slipped cotton balls in my ears. “To block out the sound of the cables moving,” he added helpfully.

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