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Case Closed

Everyone gathered on the set to watch Jerry act again. Terry Sheridan was there with Petrolia. Kelly Reilly came with her agent. The extras and the stunt performers lined up along the fence line. Raffi and I were offered a prime location to watch the action on a platform by the camera crew.

There was a buzz of excitement until someone shouted, “Quiet on the set.” The green light flashed on a monitor, and a sound boom was lowered. Fascinated, Raffi and I watched as the big camera rolled forward. Out of the woods we heard something fast approaching. All necks craned forward.

Jerry swept into view with a jubilant looking Serena on his back. They cantered across the field and jumped over a massive log. Jerry looked every inch the athlete. Below, a shiny finish on his chestnut-colored coat, his muscles appeared strong and supple. Even after the director called, “Cut,” Jerry continued to gallop. He did a victory lap once around the field. Everyone cheered and clapped their hands.

“And just look at his confident smile,” Raffi said. “Yesterday’s hard work paid off.”

“Remember how you waded through the gully of water to prove to Jerry how much more sensible it was to take the bridge?” I grinned.

Petrolia approached us. “Congratulations. You’ve both made quite an impression on my boss,” she smiled. I looked over, but Mr. Sheridan was surrounded by studio people.

“What’s this?” Raffi asked as Petrolia thrust an envelope into his hands.

“An all-inclusive vacation for you and Detective Flea. Paid for by Tyler and already approved by your Chief at the Department of Farmland Security.”

“Where are we going?” I asked with equal parts surprise and excitement.

Petrolia’s face bloomed with a smile. “Alaska,” she gushed.

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