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Cousin Serena

The young actress that played Cousin Serena stepped into the barn. Jerry nickered with genuine joy. She opened her hand and offered him two peppermints.

“Clearly, Jerry likes her. So, she isn’t the reason he’s stopped acting,” Raffi whispered to me. Then, to Serena he said, “Thank you for agreeing to meet with Detective Flea and me.”

Serena cast her sky-blue eyes on the two of us. “You two make an odd couple,” she giggled. She kissed Jerry on the nose. “I’m going to take a walk with the detective and his assistant. You be a good boy,” she said. Jerry nickered again, and Serena popped a baby carrot into his mouth.

“Was there anything different about Jerry,” I began as soon as we were outside the barn doors, “I mean before he stopped acting altogether?” Raffi translated my braying into English.

Serena squinted into the midday sunshine. “No, not really. Only it had begun to rain. It rained for days.”

“So, you film in the rain?” Raffi interjected.

“Sure,” Serena replied. “You’d be surprised how it doesn’t show in the final cut unless it’s integral to the scene.”

We came across the path that led east. “The set where you are filming is a distance from the barn,” I stated, and Serena nodded. “Do you typically ride Jerry to the set?”

“Gosh no,” Serena shook her head. “The handlers get Jerry tacked up and lead him to the set.”

“Were they able to share any information?” I asked.

“No. They just said that Jerry dug in his heels a few yards out of the barn and refused to go any further,” Serena replied.

Raffi looked at me expectantly. But I had no answers to give. Nothing made sense.

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