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Detective Flea reviews the case

I bit a piece of straw from my bed, rolled it around my molars and considered the case of the White House break-in.

My first interview had been with Webster, the White House Manager. From Webster, I learned about three unusual incidents that occurred at the White House last week:

  • Thursday – The Presidential dog ran away and was gone for 3 hours.

  • Saturday – Ten pounds of crab meat for the First Lady’s luncheon vanished.

  • Monday – The President missed the debate due to a bad cold.

My second interview had been with, Kiki, the feline suspect. However, Kiki had been more interested in escaping than cooperating. Still, I picked up on the fact that her figure was rather full for a stray.

With my hoof, I flipped open the police report which lay on the floor boards of my room. The report stated the break-in had occurred on Sunday at dusk. That appeared to rule out my hunch that Kiki had been the one to eat the crab meat. From the report I also learned that Kiki had been discovered at a lower-level window in the vicinity of the Rose Garden. The gardener had trapped her under an urn and called 911.

There was foot-note on the last page of the police report that read:

The Presidential dog, Paisly, slept through the break-in and subsequent police investigation. The First Lady found this both curious and unsettling. Paisly, who has a reputation of being high-strung, usually barks his head off when anyone or anything approaches the building.

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