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Getting Away

Sometimes you need to get away from it all.

Last Thursday, my husband and I journeyed to Montreal. The Air Canada flight was delayed twice, which wasn’t bad for that airline. For their next advertising campaign, they might consider the slogan, “We’re not happy until you’re unhappy.”

We touched down a mere six hours after our original ticket time, to discover the city enjoying spectacular summer weather. Music drifted from doorways, cell phones, and open car windows. Along St. Laurent Boulevard, the restaurants, cafes, and bars brimmed with good-looking people basking in open-air settings. The mingled scents of Schwartz’s deli and flower boxes filled the air. From the Plateau to Little Italy, the locals strolled in understated designer clothes and Birkenstocks.

Our Airbnb was located on rue Dante - so close to our son’s apartment that we could almost shout across the winding staircases and rooftops to reach him. There were so many pastry shops in the vicinity that we did not have enough time to do them justice. We spent the mornings in Jean Talon Market and afternoons sipping frosty beers and chilled Rosé on patios.

Saturday night, we received a text from Air Canada to say that our Sunday morning flight was delayed an hour and twenty-two minutes. Oh, forgive us, you great Canadian airline giant. We were having too much of a good time to even think about being unhappy.

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