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Having Fun

Recently, I discovered an excellent massage therapist, named Jenn Mills. Her skilled hands have restored the mobility in my neck, stopped the tingling in my fingers, and removed the need for an Advil every other day.

The timing of my restored health coincided nicely with the beginning of horse showing season. Even still, Captain and I had our work cut out for us. It was our first show together, and we sometimes lapse in that “getting to know you phase.” Although I was nervous as heck, he managed to sleep well and not miss a meal all weekend. Suffice to say, I’m happy that’s over.

Monday morning, after I simmered under a heating pad for ten minutes, Jenn began the work of unwinding the physical evidence of pre-show tension. My shoulders were rife with knots. This would not be a gentle massage. I drew in a few deep yoga breaths.

When the session ended, Jenn asked. “How did that feel?”

My response was, “I’m happy that’s over.”

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