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Playing Games

Raffi returned with my blanket. I motioned for him to lean over and whispered in his ear. “Leave me alone with Jerry. You do some investigating to make sure all the horses are being treated well on the set.”

Raffi shot me a thumbs up sign and disappeared.

Meanwhile Jerry appeared to be growing more and more curious about my presence. Gradually he moved nearer to the wall we shared. He gave frequent sighs which I think were meant to be conversation starters. Yet I remained silent.

At eleven thirty, a young man in denim overalls informed us it was time to go outdoors. Raffi must have provided an explanation because the man was unruffled by my appearance. Jerry and I were led to a sunny paddock. I headed for the grass and Jerry to a lean-to shelter.

Between bites, I caught Jerry poking his head out and watching me. By degrees, I edged closer to him.

He shuffled his feet impatiently and said, “Don’t you want to ask me any questions?”

There was a rock the size of a baseball on the ground. I raised my back leg and gave it a swift kick. The rock flew up and ricocheted off a fence.

“Wow!” Jerry cried out.

“You try,” I suggested.

Jerry shook his head. “No. I have pads under my horseshoes. I can’t do fun stuff like that.”

I took off at a gallop and found the rock. Carefully, I aimed toward the lean-to. It hit the corner hard and put a dent in the wood.

Jerry bolted forward and reared. “You’re going to get into so much trouble,” he roared with laughter.

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