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Raffi's Report

Jerry was worn out by all the fresh air. He laid down and fell asleep as soon as we were led back to our stalls. Raffi opened the barn door and strode inside. I motioned for him to keep his voice low so we wouldn’t wake Jerry.

“We need a chance to talk privately,” I explained.

Raffi nodded. “Well, I’ve discovered that the entire ranch caters to the well-being of the animals. Everyone I spoke to seemed kind, caring and considerate,”

“What about the movie sets where the actual filming takes place?” I asked.

Raffi flipped open a small notepad. “There are two main sets being used right now. One is situated at the ranch house property and the other is in a field to the east.”

“Which one is Jerry’s character being played?” I interrupted.

“The second set. I toured the area. There are shade trees, lots of horse treats, and even a massage therapist. A few weeks ago, it rained a lot, so they constructed a little bridge over a small ravine. Everything is well-intentioned and well taken care of.”

Jerry stirred in his sleep. I lowered my voice. “Were you able to determine what scene they were filming when Jerry refused to act?”

“New episodes with a young actress who plays, Serena, a Dutton family cousin. Serena’s parents drop her off at the ranch with her horse and then take off for an extended vacation.”

I brayed softly, “And, the horse is played by Jerry.”

“Yes,” Raffi smiled. “Serena and her horse play all these field games like jumping over logs and cantering through the forest. Jerry was cast because he loves that kind of stunt work.”

“Then why the devil has he stopped acting?” I cried out.

Raffi put his fingers to his lips to remind me to be quiet. “There’s the mystery,” he whispered.

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